Homeschool Planner Passion!

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plannerpages About 3 weeks ago I was perusing Pinterest and Facebook and realized that the answer to my problem of never being anywhere on time or remembering appointments was a planner. I know kinda like they just started making planners yesterday right? Well at least it hit me now instead of 10 years from now.

All I needed was a super cool one that fit all my needs. Therein lie the problem. I couldn’t find a template that fit my needs. So I attempted to put all that I wanted to keep up with into one planner and I couldn’t get it to close! So I had to split that puppy up.

Since school was about to start I thought I should probably get our homeschool year planned out before I worried about my ‘Bucket List’ tab in a personal planner. Priorities y’all! Continue reading »

Educational Games – Say It, Spell It, Move It, Count It

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educational games

Educational games are easy to come by. But if you get a closet full of them they are quite expensive. Making your own games can be done at a fraction of the cost.

I will be posting more printable versions of popular games for free in the following weeks. But I am excited to offer Say It, Spell It, Move It, Count It! It is for 2 or more players and recommended to be used with ages 5 and up. This is a great way to incorporate physical education into our homeschooling day. Continue reading »

144 Co-Op Class Ideas for Homeschool Groups

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coop class ideas

Creative co-op class ideas are not always easy to come by. While the parents of your co-op may not be comfortable teaching some of these classes; your community may be able to help. If you have a local college look for students who are willing to share the knowledge of their major. Do not dismiss the older generations as well, asking at your local senior center or church may turn up some unexpected volunteers. Speak to your local librarian to find other subject specific volunteers. Continue reading »

Homemade Shake and Bake Chicken Coating – Healthier and Cheaper than Brand Name

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I hate paying full price for Shake and Bake Chicken. Okay so in the spirit of full disclosure I hate paying full price for anything. The cost of groceries has make me even more insistent that I only pay for what I know is good for my family. And so in continuing the theme of being more careful of what I put into my families collective mouth I have decided to make a homemade shake and bake chicken coating. I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients in the original recipe. No Buenos Senorita.  Continue reading »

Questions Asked When Considering Homeschooling

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considering homeschooling

When we were considering homeschooling we had tons of questions. What if we were too uneducated ourselves? What about socialization? What about sports and extra curriculars? What if we failed her? Some of the biggest questions of all had to do with the law and legality of homeschooling. These are just a few questions we had, and the answers we now have to them. Continue reading »

30 Reasons We Homeschool – Our Homeschooling Journey

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reasons we homeschool

One decision changed my life, and my family.

This week I started thinking about the reasons we homeschool. We are about to celebrate an anniversary in our house. February 13th is our one year anniversary as a homeschooling family. This time last year I was going toe to toe with my hubby about how I believed homeschooling was the best fit for our family. I spent weeks thinking of reasons I wanted to homeschool.

In the end I got a grudgingly given green light. My husband has now become a vocal supporter of homeschooling. My mother was cautiously encouraging a year ago. Last night she commented on how much my daughter had blossomed because of our decision to homeschool. I now have family members asking questions about how it has helped our family instead of asking the dreaded ‘What about socialization?’. There seem to be hundreds of reasons we homeschool, I seem to find new ones daily but this is my top list. Continue reading »

Indoor Scavenger Hunt aka Rainy Day Boredom Buster

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indoor scavenger hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Recently a close friend of mine needed to have an overnight get away with her hubby and I had the pleasure of watching her three girls. I quickly found that I would have to come up with some things for them to do if I was at all interested in avoiding a mutiny. I have never been one to shy away from a mess (more on that in a different post). We had already painted nails, colored our hair with Kool-Aid, and painted the dogs nails. The girls were at loose ends, and they were taking me to see my last nerve as it walked away. So I googled indoor activities and SHEBOW! Indoor scavenger hunt! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Last nerve was leaving remember? That is my excuse anyway. Continue reading »

Homemade Tuna Helper Recipe

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homemade tuna helper recipe

Tastes better than the box, and its better for you!

Recently I have been trying to use my microwave less and less. It is all a part of bringing out the pioneer woman out in me I suppose. I am trying to become more conscious of what my family puts in our bellies. The pre-seasoned packets that come in the “Helper” meals do not seem fresh enough for me. As I was looking for a homemade tuna helper recipe they all seemed too complicated, calling for seasonings that I did not have on hand. Remember I am a newbie to this whole cooking from scratch concept. Continue reading »

field trip ideas

15 Free Field Trip Ideas

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free field trip ideas It doesn’t matter if you are part of a local homeschool co-op, have a group of homeschooling friends, or your homeschool style is more private. Field trips are a great way to introduce some hands on learning to your kids. Taking a few hours to get out of the house and visit some local places is a great way to introduce subjects and even underscore information you have already covered.

If you live in a large city field trip locations may not be an issue. But for rural communities it can sometimes be a hassle to find field trip ideas that don’t break the bank. Continue reading »