Indoor Scavenger Hunt aka Rainy Day Boredom Buster

indoor scavenger hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Recently a close friend of mine needed to have an overnight get away with her hubby and I had the pleasure of watching her three girls. I quickly found that I would have to come up with some things for them to do if I was at all interested in avoiding a mutiny. I have never been one to shy away from a mess (more on that in a different post). We had already painted nails, colored our hair with Kool-Aid, and painted the dogs nails. The girls were at loose ends, and they were taking me to see my last nerve as it walked away. So I googled indoor activities and SHEBOW! Indoor scavenger hunt! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Last nerve was leaving remember? That is my excuse anyway.

So I found a few hunts that would only work for kiddos that lived in the house. They required searching through dressers etc, no thank you. Some were way more involved than I wanted to get with themes and all. Others had clues to take you from one clue to another, and I had to cater to two emerging readers. They were too old for picture clues but too young to read 3-4 sentences directing them to look behind the fridge. So I came up with my own list and had them split into two teams. The oldest child was quite a bit older so because I am such an awesome mom I allowed the other three to gang up on here. She still beat out the three littles.

Print My Indoor Scavenger hunt list

The best part of a indoor scavenger hunt is if you make it long enough (like I did) you will get 10-15 minutes to yourself while they run around the house like mad dogs. After they have found all the items on the list they must put them back before going on to the next activity – a caveat pointed out by the oldest child and luckily the three littles didn’t listen. Do you have other things you would add to the list? Let me know your favorite indoor scavenger hunt items in the comments below.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt List

  1. A Shopping Bag
  2. A Sticker
  3. A Photograph
  4. Toilet Paper Square
  5. One Sock
  6. Rubber Band
  7. Band aid
  8. A Pebble
  9. Stuffed Animal
  10. Coin Roller
  11. Lego
  12. Barbie
  13. Right Shoe
  14. Pencil
  15. Schoolbook
  16. Paperclip
  17. Soft back Book
  18.  Paper Airplane
  19. Blanket
  20. Nail polish bottle
  21. Bible
  22. Plastic bowl
  23. Q Tip
  24. Something round
  25. Straw
  26. Ice Cube in a baggie
  27. Purse or duffle bag
  28. Can of Vegetables
  29. Car
  30. Crayon
  31. Birthday candle
  32. Toothbrush
  33. Hanger
  34. Pillow
  35. hat
  36. Packet of oatmeal
  37. Paper with a smiley face on it
  38. Something Orange
  39. An apron
  40. Measuring Cup
  41. Someone else’s jacket

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